IOL Held a Conference About General Prosecutors Law in KRG

IOL held a conference to announce and showcase the prepared the draft of “General Prosecutors Law  in Kurdistan Region” with the support of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in the project “Legal Reform in the Laws Related to Judiciary System.” The Secretary of Parliament and Parliament Members, Local and International NGOs, law experts were invited and participated in the conference. 

Muna Kahveci, the Secretary of Parliament mentioned in her speech that General Prosecutors Law is an important legal and national subject and it should reviewed in Parliament. She said that “in the previous parliament bodies, there were some attempts to bring this topic into KRG Parliament’s attention, and two suggestions were proposed to Parliament. In the 5th Body of Parliament, two legal proposals were proposed, but the trials went to halt as there was no results from it.” Also, she claimed that she thinks expanding general prosecutors’ role to despise the corruption, protecting public wealth in the country, and strengthening the rule of law. 

Muna Kahveci’s Post

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