About Us

Investigator Organization for the Rule of Law (I.O.L): is an independent non- governmental and non-profit organization that supports the independence of the judiciary, and it enables establishing the principle of the rule of law to reform the legislative and legal system in line with the development in society and in harmony with democracy and human rights in accordance with international standards, instruments, and obligations.

(I.O.L) is authorized to work under the registration no (3030 K) on May 26th, 2016 issued by the Department of Non-Governmental Organizations according to the articles (10, 11) of Law No. 1 of 2011 in Kurdistan Region in Iraq (KRG).

Board of Trustees


It is the highest supervisory authority in the organization that has five members.

Badradeen Al-Barzanji

General Prosecutor - Board of Trustees - Chairman

Khawla Qarani Ahmed

Board of Trustees - Member

Yadgar Jalal Ahmed

Board of Trustees - Member

Kamaran Nashat Bakr

Board of Trustees - Member

Sabir Anwar Mustafa

Board of Trustees - Member

Board of Adminstration


It is the council charged with managing the organization and executive matters and achieving its objectives and consists of a president and eight members who are in charge of managing human resources, finance, projects, public relations, and media.

Dr. Ahmed Miran

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - IOL

Peshawa Husamadeen

Deputy of Administration Board

Awder Anwar Kareem

Public Relations Manager

Ali A. Mohammed

Projects Manager

Hakar Saeed Saleem

Finance Manager

Sandra Safeen

Administration Manager

Board of Advisors


It is a board that consists of a group of experts in different fields providing advice to support the course of the organization. It consists of the chairman of the council and five members.

Dr. Ali M. Miran

Board of Advisors - Chairman

Ahmned Asaad Hasan

Board of Advisors - Member

Awrng Ali Al-Barzanji

Board of Advisors - Member

Botan Bakr Othman

Board of Advisors - Member

Azad A. Waladbagi

Board of Advisors - Member

Dler Anwar

Board of Advisors - Member

Vian Shekha Khoshnaw

visBoard of Adors - Member