Increasing Women’s Access to Economic Opportunities Through Policy And Legislative Reforms

Funded by World Bank | 2020 - 2021

With the support of the World Bank and within the Mashreq Fund for Women Empowerment Project, where the Mashreq Gender Facility program was launched in January 2019 administered by the World Bank Group. The program mainly seeks to provide support to the governments of each of Iraq (including the Kurdistan Region of Iraq – Kurdistan), Jordan, and Lebanon for the purpose of promoting women’s economic empowerment as a catalyst towards building of sustainable and peaceful societies , so that the benefits of economic growth accrue to all. IOL, with the support of the World Bank and in cooperation with the Supreme Council for Women›s Affairs in the Kurdistan Regional Government – Iraq, implemented this project, which started from November 2020 to January 2022.

Project Activities:

  1. Legal review: economic Empowerment Program for Women in the Mashreq Countries – Iraq , Technical cooperation to stimulate women’s access to economic opportunities and the acquisition of agricultural land through policy and legislative reform. This is legal text that include legislation (Law, Regulations and Instructions) that tackle Workers and Social Security laws for women.

  2. Holding dialogue sessions at the level of Iraq for all relevant parties on the challenges, and obstacles that hinder or prevent women from working in the private sector.

  3. Conducting a comprehensive field survey of hundreds of samples from female workers in the private sector, female entrepreneurs and relevant executives.

  4. Issuing a guide to the executive bodies responsible for everything related to women›s work in the private sector.